Training and Communication: the Key to Incident Prevention

By Elizabeth Gank, EHS Representative

At VEC we take accident and incident prevention seriously. It is our number one goal each day to ensure that all employees return home the way same way they arrived – safe.

Caution Tape.jpg

When first hired, everyone is required to go through the VEC Safety Trainings. The trainings cover topics such as electrical safety, ladder safety, bloodborne pathogens, LO/TO, etc. We also provide numerous safety trainings in-house over the course of the year and at the request of a customer.

In the unfortunate event that an accident or incident does happen, the EHS Team works with everyone involved to do a proper investigation to get to the root cause of the accident/incident, and figure out ways to prevent that accident from happening again. A summary of the accident and corrective measure are sent out to the whole team. The EHS Team also investigates all near misses and sends out a Near Miss Report to make everyone aware and more cautious.

Each month, a Safety Performance Report is sent out which summarizes the monthly and year to date accidents/injuries, frequency ratings (DART, TRIR, LTIR), total OSHA recordable cases, vehicle accidents and thefts. These performance reports are used to monitor our accident trends to see where the EHS Team needs to add more focus and/or training. The numbers found on the report are also used during our bidding process and made available to current and potential contractors.

So far in 2019, we have seen a decline in frequency ratings; we contribute this whole heartedly to the efforts of all the employees who take safety seriously each and every day.