Creating Value: Going Beyond Dollars and Cents

By Becky Bertuzzi, Marketing Manager

The bid selection process is over and you’ve been chosen as the successful bidder for the work. It’s a good feeling to know that the hard work you put into the estimate and the proposal did not go unnoticed by your client. Oftentimes we also hear “your number wasn’t the lowest, but you guys (VEC) create a lot of value for us.” 

What does it mean to create value? To me, I think that means that we’re able to help make the jobs of our clients a little bit easier. Whether its through our methods of communication, the technology we use or the attitude to do “whatever it takes”, we’re able to create value for our clients that they recognize.

Sometimes it can be hard to convey value through a sales piece or a web page (and this is coming from a marketer!) This is where interaction and relationship building play a large part. People don’t do business with companies, they do business with people. When we get the opportunity to meet with existing and potential clients, I believe the one thing that they take away from our meetings is passion. Passion isn’t something that can be faked, in my opinion, and it’s something that clients need to know that you and your team have. 

That’s part of creating value for your client. The other part, and the part that we pride ourselves on is making the job or task easier for us and easier for our clients. A majority of our jobs utilize PlanGrid, a cloud based document control software for managing the thousands of drawings that flow through the company. Instead of rolls of drawings and printing revisions, we use iPads and send out revisions in real time. At first, some clients were hesitant about using it, but once they saw the value it created for them and the time that it saved, they appreciated the purpose it served and the time that it saved. 

The other part of creating value is going above and beyond, exceeding expectations. It’s a tall task, but we’re up for the challenge. When you treat the project as a partnership and come to table in the spirit of collaboration to achieve a common goal, great things can happen. We look at our clients as partners and teammates and we will work very hard to make sure that their project is completed with the quality and professionalism that we are known for. 

People don’t business with companies, they do business with people. We couldn’t agree more.