The Family Effect


Tricia Ferry, Manager of Culture and Team Relations


We always joke around that we should have two org charts: our company org chart and a family tree. I think at our last count, we have twelve Ferry family members working here. Family is very much a part of who VEC is, the company’s longevity and what has made it successful. My father, Rex, treats everyone who works here as a family member; and it is this mentality that has helped us through the good times and the bad.


Throughout each year, we hold several events that allow the team to come together, whether during the work day or after hours. These include corn hole tournaments, pancake breakfasts, holiday parties, golf outings and lunch and learns. We encourage our team to bring family members to these events. It’s another chance to get to know everyone outside of work and to strengthen our sense of team. 

Visitors and clients often tell us “you’re not like a typical construction company.” We know. And that’s by design. We don’t want to be like everyone else. We want to be different. Our focus on family and our team is one part that sets us apart and helps us to be successful. It wasn’t always like that. In the 90s, we were a typical construction company and the focus on family wasn’t quite there. In the early 2000s, we made this a focus as part of a company retreat. It’s refreshing to walk through the offices and hear laughter and playful banter. 


I feel that when a company cares about their people and includes them as extended family, we create a team that truly cares. At the core, it’s about developing trust. We’re not here to see anyone fail. If we see a team member who’s struggling, we’re going to step in and do everything that we can to be successful. When we do that, our team gets stronger and the company as a whole becomes better. 

It’s been quite the ride for me to be a part of. Occasionally, I look back and think of where we started when my dad bought the company in 1990, and where we are today. We’ve had good times and bad times. I’ve held many positions, learning about the construction industry, lead by Rex, who was very supportive. Throughout it all, one thing stands out; we were there for one another and that’s what has gotten us through the tough times. Coming together as a team with a “whatever it takes” attitude to get the job done.